1846 Tithe Map

Work on this has been done by Cllr. Passmore, and this is still a work in progress. The image is very large - otherwise you cannot see the field labels. Use the scroll bars.

A tithe was one tenth of your income, to be paid to the Church for the income of the vicar, usually in kind. In 1836 an Act of Parliament changed the law, and as a result, there were new surveys of land and the tithes payable on them. This map shows the situation in 1846. Each area is numbered, and there is a record of who owned it, who lived there, what it was used for, and the acreage.

Road names are different. Tamworth Road is Turnpike Road. A turnpike was a toll payable by road users, used to maintain the road for the coaches - about to be replaced by the railway. The toll gate is right at the bottom, where now there is the roundabout at the end of Radford Road and the start of Keresley Road. Fivefield Road is Farfield Road. The top of Watery Lane is called Stocker's Lane. Leighton Lane passes the medieval Leighton's Field, the site of the future colliery and the present Prologis. What is now Penny Park Lane was Straight Lane, and Penny Park is located at the junction with Beake Avenue. Bennetts Road is called Stone-Pit Lane, then Hall Yard Brook Lane, with Hall Yard Brook being the modern Manor Farm. Park Lane is the modern Halford Lane - the 'Park' may be Whitmore Park.

There are only about 50 buildings in the whole area.