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Community Engagement Strategy


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Informing the community


Our monthly Parish Council meetings are open to members of the public and the press.


The first 30 minutes, at the commencement of the meeting, is set aside for residents to make comments or to ask questions.


Details of the next meeting may be found on the Meeting Dates page.


In addition to this website the Parish Council also has a Facebook presence.


Each year there will also be an Annual Parish Meeting at which residents may question the Parish Council.


A Community Engagement Strategy details the means by which a Parish Council  will communicate with residents.



Report by the chair


The annual report by the chair may be found here.

The Annual Parish Meeting


All Parish Councils in England are required by law to hold an Annual Parish Meeting between March 1 and June 30 each year.


The meeting allows the Parish Council to explain what they have been doing over the past year and what plans they might have for the coming year. Electors, public and press are invited are the to hear reports from the Chairman and Local Councillors.


It is also the forum for electors to have their say on anything which they consider is important to the people of the parish.  The Annual Parish Meeting is the meeting where the parish council report to its electorate on what it has accomplished in the preceding year.


The Annual Parish Meeting is a SEPARATE meeting from the Parish Council Annual Meeting and should be a relatively informal event for the community.



Have your say


Details of how to contact the Clerk is displayed here on the website header, on the Parish notice board located at the junction of Keresley Road/Fivefield Lane, in Facebook and in our Newsletters.





Mobile:  07748 986 109



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Link to Community Engagement Strategy document
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Link to Community Engagement Strategy document