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Applications 2019 - 2021


Listed below are all planning applications received by the Coventry City Council located within and adjacent to the Keresley Parish.


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Valid Date Location Application Number Proposal KPC comments Decision
14/05/2021 202 Bennetts Road South HH/2021/1378 Single Storey Side Extension and dropped kerb NONE WITHDRAWN
01/02/2021 15 Fivefield Road HH/2020/2963 Retention of outbuildings for which demolition had been agreed in the approved application HH/2020/0710 NONE APPROVED
11/01/2021 Grove Farm Lane, Tamworth Road HH/2021/0018 Erection of side extension and a replacement shed NONE APPROVED
07/01/2021 Troyswood House, Tamworth Road HH/2020/3060 Single storey side and rear extensions NONE APPROVED
15/12/2020 57a, Bennetts Road North FUL/2020/1718 Change of Use of existing garage into an A3 cafe with a single storey extension OBJECTION LETTER WITHDRAWN
17/11/2020 Ashtree House, Sandpits Lane HH/2020/1146 Erection of a front garden wall OBJECTION LETTER WITHDRAWN
29/09/2020 Keresely Manor, Tamworth Road FUL/2020/2161 Erection of two storey dwelling and detached garage APPROVAL LETTER APPROVED
28/07/2020 39 Bennetts Road North FUL/2020/1555 Erection of single and two storey rear extensions to accommodate pharmacy extension at ground floor level and extension to flat above NONE WITHDRAWN
29/06/2020 Cardinal Newman Catholic School And Community College Sandpits Lane DC/2020/1479 Discharge of Condition No.7 (Construction Method Statement) imposed on FUL/2019/2509 NONE APPROVED
19/06/2020 14 Bennetts Road HH/2020/1121 Proposed installation of footway crossing for vehicular access and driveway works OBJECTION LETTER REFUSED
16/06/2020 91 Bennetts Road South HH/2020/1310 Erection of porch & rear extension NONE APPROVED
02/06/2020 Woodlands, Tamworth Road HH/2020/0446 Erection of two storey gabled extensions and a single storey extension NONE APPROVED
13/05/2020 Cardinal Newman RC School   Sandpits Lane FUL/2020/0896 Erection of single-storey   temporary building containing two classrooms and associated stores located   east within the application site. NONE APPROVED
28/04/2020 2 Grove Farm Lane, Tamworth Road HH/2020/0956 Erection of extensions to the   rear and a log store NONE APPROVED
27/04/2020 93b Bennetts Road South HH/2020/0982 Erection of two storey rear and front extensions. NONE APPROVED
24/04/2020 Rose Green House, Tamworth Road HH/2020/0968 Proposed roof cover to front   dormers NONE APPROVED
03/04/2020 Colliery Sports Club Bennetts   Road FUL/2020/0764 Demolition of existing   structures to facilitate residential development with associated
     access, parking, landscaping and drainage plus replacement car park and   sports pitch for
     sports club
02/04/2020 Land at
     Bennetts Road
FUL/2020/0748 Full planning application for a   residential development of 444 dwellings (C3), public open space,   landscaping, drainage attenuation areas, access from Bennetts Road and Penny   Park Lane, access roads, land safeguarded for a new Link Road, and other   associated works. This application is accompanied by an Environmental   Statement. OBJECTION LETTER PENDING
23/03/2020 15 Fivefield Road HH/2020/0710 Erection of a first floor rear   extension, single storey rear extension and front porch, and
     external alterations
20/03/2020 Bennetts Road South, Sandpits Lane & Tamworth Road DC/2020/0716 Submission of details to discharge conditions 4-materials and 7-junctions: imposed on planning permission RMM/2019/1030 Reserved Matters NONE PENDING
20/03/2020 3 The Laurels
     Sandpits Lane
HH/2020/0586 Erection of an extension and   associated adaptations NONE APPROVED
19/03/2020 Keresley Manor
     Tamworth Road
FUL/2020/0587 Erection of dwelling and   detached garage NONE WITHDRAWN
21/02/2020 30 Tamworth Road LDCP/2020/0413 Lawful Development Certificate   for proposed single storey rear extension NONE APPROVED
10/02/2020 Land East of Watery Lane OUT/2020/0363 Erection of up to 17 dwellings   (outline with access submitted) NONE APPROVED
17/01/2020 Old Hall, Tamworth Road
FUL/2019/2909 Erection of a permanent marquee NONE WITHDRAWN
26/11/2019 30 Tamworth Road HH/2019/2929 Erection of single storey side   extension NONE APPROVED
11/12/2019 Ashtree House
     Sandpits Lane
TP/2019/2955 New phone-line threaded through   Pine tree crowns requiring up to 0.5m maximum trimming of foliage, if   required. NONE APPROVED
06/12/2019 Land to the rear of
     Fivefield Road
OUT/2019/2951 Outline application for the   erection of up to 5 dwellings land to rear of No. 54 - 62 Fivefield Road (all   matters except access reserved) OBJECTION LETTER WITHDRAWN
11/11/2019 Troyswood House
     Tamworth Road
HH/2019/2838 Erection of two storey side and   single storey rear extensions NONE APPROVED
21/11/2019 2 The Barns
     Fivefield Road
HH/2019/2453 Erection of single-storey front   extension NONE APPROVED
14/11/2019 93b Bennetts Road South PA/2019/2875 Application under Prior Approval   for rear extension. The extension will be 8.0 metres away from the original   rear wall of the building with a height of 3.8 metres at the highest point   and 2.55 metres to the eaves NONE WITHDRAWN
28/10/2019 Bennetts Road South, Sandpits   Lane &
     Tamworth Road
DC/2019/2644 Submission of details to   discharge conditions (in part as they relate to Phase 1, with the exception   of conditon 5): 4, Finished floor levels, 5, Phasing Plan, 17, Lighting, 29,   Drainage, 30, SUDS, 33, Drainage, 34, Flooding, 40, Construction Method Statement,   43, Public Transport Access Strategy, 48, Green Travel Plan, 50-52 Ground   Remediation, 54, Soil Management Plan and 61, Air Quality Assessment imposed   on planning permission OUT/2014/2282 for Outline application for the erection   of up to 800 dwellings, with associated Local Centre, a Primary School and   Public Open Space granted on 12/2/18 NONE APPROVED
13/11/2019 97a
     Bennetts Road South
PA/2019/2885 Application under Prior Approval   for rear extension. The extension will be 5.00 metres away from the original   rear wall of the building with a height of 3.15 metres at the highest point   and 3.00 metres to the eaves. NONE PRIOR APPROVAL NOT REQUIRED
17/10/2019 39 Bennetts Road North FUL/2019/2612 Erection of single and two   storey rear extensions to accomodate a self-contained B8 storage unit at   ground floor level and extension to flat above, change of use of first floor   to C3 residential use and Internal alterations and part demolition of existing   pharamacy. NONE REFUSED
10/10/2019 Cardinal Newman RC School   Sandpits Lane FUL/2019/2509 Erection of school dining hall   and associated kitchen NONE APPROVED
17/09/2019 Land East of Watery Lane OUT/2019/1374 Erection of up to 17 dwellings   (outline with access submitted) OBJECTION LETTER WITHDRAWN
04/09/2019 Rookery Farm   (land adjacent to Pumping Station)   Watery Lane OUT/2019/2277 Proposed residential development   (up to 40 dwellings) with associated landscaping/open space, drainage and   highway infrastructure (outline application - all matters reserved except   access into the site) OBJECTION LETTER APPROVED
19/07/2019 Land West Of
     Bennetts Road South
DC/2019/1852 Submission of details to   discharge conditions 9 (tree and hedge retention plan - phase 1); 14   (landscape management plan); 15 (bat surveys); 16 (bat survey of trees); 18   (bird survey); 19 (badger survey); 21 (CEMP); 22 (combined ecological and   landscaping scheme); 23 (reptile survey); 27 (archaeological works); 28   (noise assessment); 35 (provision and management of buffer zone to hall brook   and ponds); 36 (method statement for treatment of environmentally sensitive   areas - phase 1) and 41 (energy assessment) imposed upon permission   OUT/2014/2282 for up to 800 dwellings, local centre, primary school and   public open space NONE APPROVED
16/07/2019 Land North of
     Tamworth Road
ADV/2019/1797 Display of a non-illuminated   hoarding sign NONE APPROVED
18/06/2019 Land adjacent Ashtree   House
     Sandpits Lane
FUL/2019/1571 Erection of Gospel Meeting Hall   (Use Class D1) along with access and car parking APPROVAL LETTER APPROVED
28/05/2019 Birchley House
     Fivefield Road
DC/2019/0927 Discharge of Conditions 3   (Materials), 9 (Bat Survey) & 10 (Ecological Landscaping Scheme) imposed   on planning permission FUL/2018/2830 for the Erection of 2 dwellings granted   on 29/11/2018. NONE APPROVED
20/05/2019 Thompsons Cottage
     Bennetts Road North
DEM/2019/1198 Application for Prior   Notification of proposed demolition of Thompsons Cottage and single storey   outbuilding NONE APPROVED, DETAILS NOT REQUESTED
30/04/2019 Bennetts Road South, Sandpits   Lane &
     Tamworth Road
RMM/2019/1030 Submission of reserved matters   (layout, internal access arrangements, scale, appearance and landscape   details) for Phase 1 comprising of 322 dwellings and details of green   infrastructure strategy for all phases (excluding third party land) and a   temporary construction access pursuant to OUT/2014/2282 for up to 800   dwellings, local centre, primary school, public open space (all matters   reserved except vehicular access from Tamworth Road and Bennetts Road South).   The outline application was an EIA application and an Environmental Statement   was submitted with it. OBJECTION LETTER APPROVED by planning committee
20/03/2019 Thompsons Cottage
     Bennetts Road North
DEM/2019/0630 Application for Prior   Notification of proposed demolition of Thompsons Cottage and single storey   outbuilding NONE DETAILS REQUESTED
05/03/2019 Bennetts Road South, Sandpits   Lane &
     Tamworth Road
AD/2019/0516 Submission of amended details -   involving removal of condition 47 - imposed on permission OUT/2014/2282 for   residential led development NONE APPROVED
05/03/2019 Land at
     Thompsons Farm
     Thompsons Road
OUT/2019/0484 Outline permission for the   erection of up to 500 residential dwellings with all matters reserved with   the exception of access and comprising of: The demolition of Thompsons   Cottage and associated buildings; Provision of green infrastructure including   strategic open space, sustainable urban drainage, green networks, play space   and associated structural and general landscaping; A vehicular access point   and emergency access point onto Bennetts Road North; Network of pedestrian   and cycle routes; and All associated infrastructure and enabling works OBJECTION LETTER APPROVED by planning committee
29/01/2019 2 Grove House Farm
     Tamworth Road
HH/2019/0239 Erection of outbuilding,   ancillary use to the host dwelling NONE REFUSED
08/01/2019 Land at Fivefield Road and
     Tamworth Road
OUT/2019/0022 Outline application for the   demolition of all existing buildings and the erection of up to 550 dwellings   and creation of associated vehicular accesses to Tamworth Road and Fivefield   Road, pedestrian/cycle and emergency accesses, diversion of public rights of   way, highway improvements to Fivefield Road, parking, landscaping, drainage   features, open space and associated infrastructure, with all matters to be   reserved except access points into the site. OBJECTION LETTER APPROVED by planning committee





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