On 15th July 2021 a High Court Action commenced between the CPRE (the Claimant) the Coventry City Council (The defendant)

with (1) Hallam Land Management Ltd. and (2) The trustees of the Eastern Green Lane Pool (as Interested Parties).


The action relates to the planning application OUT/2018/3225 for 2400 dwellings at Eastern Green, this having been approved on 3rd June 2021

by the Coventry City Council planning committee, granting the outline planning permission.


The Judicial Review application states two grounds for the decision of Coventry City Council of this planning application to be quashed:



1) Housing Mix - A failure to ensure that the housing mix in the site meets local needs.


2) Highways - The planning committee being misled as to the extent of the increased traffic generated with a failure to assess the impact of the additional development proposed outside of the boundaries of Coventry City.



The  group Keep Our Greenbelt Green (KOGG) are working with the CPRE in this action. Links to the web pages regarding this action are below:



KOGG                       CPRE




A crowdfunding page, managed by Crowd Justice, is open for those that might wish to assist in the funding of this action.






The target figure to be raised is £50,000.       Currently 33% of this target has been pledged.






Mobile:  07748 986 109



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