Hen Lane

This is not Hen Lane in Holbrooks. This is a very old footpath, known in the Middle Ages as 'Le Heynelane', and on the 1846 Tithe Map it is shown as 'Hall Yard Lane'. This old and obscure track is still the boundary of the City of Coventry.

This is the start - on Bennetts Road just past Grove Lane, on the left going away from Coventry. In 1846 this group of houses was called Hen Lane End
It goes by the side of a house.
For much of it, a stream runs beside the path. But to start with, the stream IS the path.
Past the house, we are beside the Rugby Club.
Before around 1850, all 'roads' in Keresley would have been like this, except for the Turnpike Road.
These were taken in early April. In mid-summer it would be far more obstructed.
The path emerges into open fields
On the left is Thompsons Farm
On the right is a pond
Into the next field, with a very tidy holly hedge.
At the top of that, another pond
The next field has just been ploughed
From the highest point, looking back to Keresley Village.
Looking forward to the corner of Fivefield Road. In 1846 that was Farfield Lane. At the top was Le Thefestak'feldputt. That is, the Thieves Stake, where naughty people were staked beside the road towards Tamworth to discourage brigandage.
And Hall Yard Wood - owned by Queens College Oxford since the sixteenth century.
On the ridge, the back of the Horse and Jockey on Tamworth Road
Starting to come back
A nice piece of fencing stops the motor bikes.
The bluebells are about 3 inches high
Back to Bennetts Road
But the footpath goes straight across it.