Golden Green Wood

These photos are near Golden Green Wood, at the edge of the fields between the two footpaths from the Tamworth Road, between the Royal Court and Grove House the other side of the road.

There is a medieval deed, from 1260 to 1294, which reads 'Thomas of Keresley grants to Roger of Northcroft land called Goldecroft lying between Putcroft & Caldewellecroft. Rent: a rose at Midsummer. For this grant he gave 2½ marks.'

Caldwelle Lane is the current Fivefield Road. The deed means that Thomas (who called himself 'Lord of Keresley') is renting the land to Roger. The rent is a rose at Midsummer - a peppercorn rent, basically nothing, but meant to remind Roger that he did not own the land. But he charges a great deal of money for the transfer. A mark was two thirds of a pound, thirteen shillings and fourpence. If you don't know what a shilling is, ask your mother. A pound sterling was a pound weight of silver.

This is the start - the corner of the field by the entrance from Tamworth Road.
This is after two days without rain, and this corner is the highest part of the field.
Down the side of Golden Green wood
Back towards Tamworth Road.
This is from the corner of Golden Cross wood, over Manor Farm - owned by Queen's College Oxford since 1529.