Keresley History

Keresley origins


It is thought that this name is of Danish origin - Kaerer being a Swedish surname, and a Ley a forest clearing thus Kaerer's Ley, now known as Keresley. This would probably have been after the year 1066 when the famous Domesday Book , a survey of England, was made since no record of the village exists.


Kaerer's Ley was an agricultural village now known as Keresley Green. It lies to the North of Hall Brook and is the oldest of the three villages.

Keresley Heath


Lying to the South of the area it is bounded by the Tamworth Road. Established in the 17th century the oldest building is probably Akon House on Sandpits Lane. The church not being completed until 1847. Weaving was the main occupation. The green fields  to the North of the village are currently under threat from housing development, the remaining borders having merged with adjacent Coventry suburbs



Keresley Green


This is the oldest of the three villages and was an agricultural village formally known as Kaerer's Ley. It lies to the North of Hall Brook and is bordered by the countryside, however   its rural atmosphere is currently under threat from housing development.

Keresley Newlands


Lying to the North, and also known as Keresley Village, it was only developed in the early 20th century when mining commenced in 1911. Today the mine has closed and the mining site redeveloped as industrial warehousing. To the north and east it maintains a tranquil rural setting whilst the green fields  to the south-west of the village are currently under threat from housing development.


The village is split into two parts. The smaller part to the West, consisting of houses on the western side of Bennetts Road North, & Bennetts Road and the whole of Thomsons Road is in Coventry, West Midlands. The remainder to the East is in Nuneaton and Bedworth, Warwickshire.






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