Frequently asked questions

What is a civil parish council?

It is part of local government, covering an area smaller than a city. This link gives more details about parish councils. We are not connected with any church.

Where is Keresley Parish?

This is a small area to the north of Coventry, bounded by Bennetts Road and the Tamworth Road. The parish was founded in 1881, and in 1932 a few acres in the south of the parish were transferred to the City of Coventry. This link gives more on the history of Keresley.

Who are the parish councillors?

There are seven councillors, chosen by election or co-opted. See the link above for more details.

How is it paid for?

Council tax payers in the parish pay a small extra 'precept' for the parish council. This currently totals about £1500 a year. See the section on finance above for more details and the last audit report.

What does it do?

It acts as a link between local residents and Coventry City Council, and comments on planning applications. It has recently resolved to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Keresley, to guide future development, obtaining statutory power through the Localism Bill