Keresley Parish Council

Keresley Parish Council


Covering a small area in the north of Coventry the Parish Council, there are seven seats.


A Parish Council is regulated by means of a Code of Conduct to which councillors have to abide.


In addition to this there are a number of  policies to which the council must also adhere.


The monies required to run a council are raised by a small charge levied upon the ratepayers known as a  Precept .


Financial regulations govern the conduct of financial management of a Parish Council and may only be amended or varied by resolution. Details may be found on our Finance page.


In January of each year the Parish Council  prepares a budget and an action plan which gives details of the work that the Parish Council intends to carry out over the following year or longer.


Following the end of the financial year the   Accounts of the Parish Council have to be submitted for scrutiny to an internal auditor.


The Parish Council need to be aware of any risks that may affect the smooth running of council business. To this end a Risk Register is compiled to identify risks and the means by which they may be mitigated.






Councillors are local people, unpaid,  who have an interest in the local community and the way it is run.


Elections  for  Parish Councillors are held every four years in May to co-inside with local and general elections.


In the elections, held in May 2019, there were seven seats to be contested, however, only six candidates stood. All candidates were thus elected by default.


There are currently four Parish Councillors  six who were elected in May 2018 and one co-opted member who joined in November 2020. We currently have two vacant positions.


Should a seat become vacant , this seat may be filled by means of co-option by the Parish Council .



What does a Parish Council do?


A council is responsible for making of local decisions and policy relevant to the public interest of the parish and activities fall into three main categories:


  • Representing the local community
  • Delivering services to meet local needs
  • Improving quality of life within the local community


To find out when the next meeting is to take place look at the meeting dates page. For previous meetings the minutes page may be consulted.









During any meeting, should a councillor have an interest in an agenda item, they must declare that interest and not take part in the meeting whilst that item is being discussed.


Our monthly Parish Council meetings are open to members of the public and the press.


The first 30 minutes, at the commencement of the meeting, is set aside for residents to make comments or to ask questions.


Between March 1 and June 30 each year a  Parish Meeting is held. The parish council report to its electorate and electors can also have their say.


Should anyone have concerns they may also email our parish  clerk , or use our contact form .


Parish or town councils may exercise a number of powers at their discretion which have been defined by various pieces of legislation. The role they play can vary significantly depending on the size, resources and ability of the council.


The area covered by Keresley Parish Council is small having a small income with few assets shown in the Asset Register. However with all the proposed housebuilding in the area, 3100 dwellings, the income is destined to become much larger giving the council the capacity to do a lot more for the parishioners.





Mobile:  07748 986 109



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