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Planning Portal


For all information about planning within Coventry visit the  Planning Department portal.



Planning Applications


For both old and new planning applications use the  Application Search option within the planning department web pages or use the Weekly List which lists applications broken down into each ward.





After a local planning authority has received a planning application, it will undertake a period of consultation where views on the proposed development can be expressed.


The formal consultation period will normally last for 21 days. The planning department  may also consult a number of different statutory bodies, NHS, Highways, the different utilities etc. as necessary.


Anyone may comment on planning application proposals.



The decision for most planning applications are taken by a planning officer having delegated powers to make a decision.


For an application where five or more comments have been received it becomes the responsibility of the Coventry City Council  Planning Committee to make the decision.



Local Planning Applications


Keresley Parish Council is a statutory body and would be notified about applications within the parish.


The Keresley Parish Council Planning Committee may then decide to give comments upon an application within the 21 day period allowed for consultation.


In some cases a developer may wish to consult the Parish Council prior to putting in a planning application as part of the Community Engagement process.


The Parish Council welcomes developers wishing to engage with them prior to putting in their planning application to Coventry City Council.


Planning Map


Coventry City Council has a  Planning Map in which planning application may be located for your area. It also contains other useful information.


Map layers:

  • Adopted Highway
  • Building Control Current
  • Building Control Historical
  • Conservation and Heritage
  • Constraints
  • Parish Boundaries
  • Planning Current
  • Planning Historical
  • Policy
  • Public Rights of Way
  • Claimed Public Rights of Way
  • Section 106
  • Tree Preservation Order
  • Ward Boundaries


After finding an area with a planning application, clicking on that area will bring up a window with a link to the planning application.






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