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Planning committee purpose


The planning committee meets on a regular basis to decide upon some planning applications.


The decision for most planning applications are taken by a planning officer having delegated powers to make a decision.


For major schemes withinn the city and where five or more comments have been received for an application it becomes the responsibility of the planning committee to make the decision.

Meeting dates


The Planning Committee are scheduled to meet at 2pm on the following dates:



  • Thursday 30th July
  • Thursday 27th August
  • Thursday 24th September


Lindsley  Harvard



Longford Ward


Dr Randhir Auluck

(Vice Chair)


Upper Stoke Ward


Naeem Akhtar



St Michael's Ward


Pervez Akhtar



Whoberley Ward


Allan Andrews


Earlsdon Ward


Roger Bailey


Cheylesmore Ward


Lynnette Kelly


Sherbourne Ward


John McNicholas


Lower Stoke Ward


Catherine Miks


Lower Stoke Ward


David Skinner


Westwood Ward


Seamus Walsh


Sherbourne Ward


Tariq Khan


Foleshill Ward

Planning Committee members


For more information about an individual member click on their image below.





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