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Monthly accounts


At each Parish Council meeting invoices for approved expenditure are submitted for approval.


Once approval is gained payments will be made by the clerk, either by cheque or BACS electronic transfer using online banking.


Every quarter receipts/payments and balances are summarised and supplied to each Councillor.

Annual Audit


Keresley Parish Council has an income and expenditure of less than £25,000. As such it has declared itself exempt from the need to submit the accounts to an external auditor.


Our accounts must be submitted and approved by an internal auditor, agreed by the Parish Council. The internal auditor chosen chosen for 2019-2020 is Eleanor Choudry, CiLCA, AAT.


The Parish Council is required to complete Part 2 of the Annual Governance and Accountabiity Return (AGAR) as part of the audit.

Yearly Audit Account statements



Notice of Public Rights

The Notice of Public Rights details where financial documents may be inspected during the period 20th July and 22nd August.


Download the Notice of Public Rights document here.


AGAR 2019-2020

The Annual Governance and Accountability Return constitutes the annual return referred to in the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015.


Download the AGAR 2019-2020 document here.


Internal Audit

The Internal Audit was carried out by Eleanor Choudry, CiLCA, AAT.


Download the Internal Audit document here.



The cashbook details the income and expenditure over the year.


Download the Cashbook document here.





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