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Climate Emergency


Keresley Parish Council has a role in delivering carbon emission reductions. To this end it has committed to a number of actions.


These are detailed in this Climate Emergency document.






The Parish Council liaises with Coventry City Council and other bodies such as developers to improve Keresley Parish, the environment and services.


When Coventry City Council introduced a new Local Plan in December 2017 a large area of Keresley was taken out of the Greenbelt for housing declared as the Keresley Sustainable Urban Extenstion, a new SPD document  being approved in August 2019.


Keresley Parish Council is a Statutory Body .The planning sub-committee reviews the planning applications from developers and submits comments to the Coventry City Council. See SUE Applications.


More detail about the work of the Parish Council may be found in the Council web page




Keresley Parish Council council has one paid part time employee. Officially called the Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer of the council they are more commonly known as the Clerk.


They are expected to provide advice and support to the council but  is not a member and cannot vote.


The clerk draws up and signs the agenda  calling upon Councillors to attend the monthly meeting.





The Parish Council needs to ensure that both Councillors and their Clerk are capable in their jobs.


For newly appointed councillors training is needed to ensure that the Parish Council is working within the law. Constant changes to legislation also means that existing councillors may need further training.


Training is usually provided by WALC (Warwickshire & West Midlands Association of Local Councils) on a number of topics needed by Councillors and Clerks.

Keresley Parish Council


Keresley Parish is a small area to the north of Coventry, bounded by Bennetts Road to the east, Tamworth Road to the west and Sandpits Lane to the South. To the North is the boundary between Coventry and North Warwickshire.


The parish was founded in 1881, and in 1932 a few acres in the south of the parish were transferred to the City of Coventry.



Keresley Civil Parish Boundary





















For a more accurate map showing the Parish border look at the Coventry City Council planning map here.

Keresley Parish Boundary Map






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Keresley Parish Boundary Map
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Keresley Parish Boundary Map