This is the website of the civil parish of Keresley in north Coventry. Last updated 8 July 2015


Travellers encampment

Travellers are illegally camped on the land on Keresley Brook Road. Police have been informed. They are putting a guard on the site, and applying for an injunction to move them on.

At the last meeting someone raised the question of speed limits on Watery Lane. Here is an email sent to Colin Knight on the 30 June.
Here is the reply from Moh Shahie:
Dear Dr Milner Thank you for your email concerning the above
Currently there is a 20mph zone at the start of Watery Lane (near Penny Park Lane) then it is 30mph by virtue of street lighting up to beyond the last houses, then for the rural section it is signed as national speed limit to the junction with Bennetts Road. The signing in this last section is fairly poor and it sounds like at least one sign has gone missing, hence the possible confusion.
We consider that the current arrangement is about right. Rural roads are principally set at national speed limit and reducing the limits clutters up the countryside with unnecessary street furniture and our experience has shown that without enforcement they makes little difference to the speed drivers travel.
Having said that there is a complication in this case because the road is street lit and so it cannot be national speed limit by default, and the system of lighting without a TRO makes it 30mph. Therefore, we could simply remove all the signs at minimum cost and no legal procedure and it would be technically correct. It is unlikely people will actually drive at 30mph (I think speed surveys suggested 40mph is more realistic) but for a short section it would not be too bad.
Please note that we cannot install any repeater signs on a street lit road with no TRO.
I have added this to our back log of requests and given your continued interest in this matter you can contact me on 024 76831632 or my colleague Caron Archer on 024 76832062

If you find this response unsatisfactory, please phone Mr. Shafie, or contact us, or preferably both.


Saturday 11 July 11am-4pm St. Thomas Community Festival at the Church and Church Hall. Bouncy Castle, teas, music, dance, BBQ

Saturday 18 July 12 noon till late Keresley RFC Cakes raffles face painting real ale hog roast

Next meeting 23 June

The next Parish Council meeting is 7pm 18 August in the URC Church on Bennetts road. This is a public meeting and everyone is welcome.


The Declarations of Pecuniary Interest (by which Councillors might gain by being on the Council) are now here.

The code of conduct signings are here

The code of conduct is here

Accounts for 2014-2015

These are now complete. See this link for details, including how you can inspect the books.

New Council

Following the uncontested election ( notice here ). and our Annual Meeting on 12 May, Councillors have now started their new four year term of office. As you can see, we now have just five elected Councillors, and so we still have vacancies for two more people who we can co-opt onto the Council. We would be very grateful for volunteers. It means an evening meeting about once every six weeks (total of 8 per year). Email or come along to our next meeting.

The next meeting is Tuesday 23 June 7pm in the URC Church Bennetts Road. No agenda yet All welcome.

Updated Code of Conduct agreements and Declarations of Pecuniary Interest are here

Green Belt News

Contrary to mis-leading articles in the Telegraph, the battle to protect Coventry's Green Belt is not lost. Keresley Parish Council is committed defending it.

There are two challenges - the Pegasus application for 800 houses between the Tamworth Road and Bennetts Road South, and the Coventry Local Plan


The Planning Committee approved the application, subject to finalisation of S106 agreements. This is likely to be completed in around a month, at which time it will be referred to the Secretary of State at Communities and Local Government (was Eric Pickles, now Greg Clark). The Parish Council, CPRE and many individuals have already written to request the application is 'called in' - that is, a public inquiry be held by Inspectors to decide if building on the Green Belt should be allowed. We think we have a very strong case to show it should not be allowed, the same way as Gateway was refused.

The Local Plan

This is a set of planning policies which will determine housing in Coventry up to 2031. A first outline was published in September 2014. A fuller version will be published in the coming months. Once submissions arereceived it will be submitted to the Inspectors for approval, and it finally goes to the Secretary of State. Three parts of this are the SHMA, the SHLAA and the Green Belt Review

The SHMA is the housing market assessment - and estimate of the numbers of houses needed up to 2031. An updated version was published in the Spring of 2014 based on 2011 Census data. This is a 'joint' process, done with neighbouring authorities. The SHLAA is the land assessment - what land is available for building on. Coventry did a version of this last year, but the neighbouring authorities are agreeing a standard method for doing this, and then the Coventry SHLAA will be revised. The Joint Green Belt review will possibly alter Green Belt boundaries.

We are very concerned about the role of Coventry and Warwickshire LEP in this process. This is an unelected and unaccountable body of businesses who are not subject to FOI and who do not declare financial interests, and consequently there is a suspecion they are simply promoting their own companies. We hope the LEP will adopt a more transparent approach and declare and publish their interests, as we do.

If you can offer any professional help with this campaign - legal, financial, branding, media or similar - please get in touch

Here are some links:

Who to contact

Ann Lucas, leader of Coventry City Council. Her address is Council House, Earl Street, Coventry CV1 5RR, or by email to

David Kershaw - Labour councillor for this ward. Write to him at the Council House, or email

Geoffrey Robinson, MP for this constituency. Write to him at House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, phone 020 7219 4083, or email

Coventry Telegraph. Coventry news desk on 024 76 500457 or 024 76 500316. Email letters to News to

BBC CWR - Midlands Today -