This is the website of the civil parish of Keresley in north Coventry. Last updated 27 January 2015


Parish Council meeting postponed

We've just heard that the Chair, Mrs. Camwell, is unwell after a hospital visit. This means there would only be three Councillors present, so we would not be quorate, so the meeting must be postponed

We currently only have five Councillors, and one is out of the country till March. We need two more - please could you volunteer, even if just until May?

Pegasus 800 houses on Green Belt

Yesterday 21 January Coventry Planning Dept. sent out an email to people who had previously commented on this application, informing them of the application, again. The deadline for comments is now 21 February

We have emailed Tracy Miller, Head of Planning, asking her why the consultation deadline keeps being altered (from October, November, Dec. 25, Jan. 7 and now Feb. 21

We have also asked her for assurance that previous comments will still be considered.

Further, Pegasus have agreed with the planners that there will be an extension of the time allowed to deal with this application, to June 2015, to allow 'outstanding matters to be resolved.' We have asked what those outstanding matters are.

When Ms. Miller replies, we will show it here.

Meanwhile there is no harm in commenting again (or for the first time). You can comment online here, or by email quoting ref. no. OUT/2014/2282 to

Here is a statement on commenting on this application

Updated Code of Conduct agreements and Declarations of Pecuniary Interest are here

PC Meetings

The Minutes of the 2 December meeting are here including financial reports. Next meeting January 13.

36 Bus

The chair has spoken to National Express about why the 36 was not routed through ProLogis during the recent road closure, and the general poor service. There reply is:
Regarding ProLogis Park. When Bennett's Road was closed, this time around, we approached them to ask if we could go through there to reach Keresley but were refused, apparently on safety grounds. The reason being that they felt that 6 buses an hour was too much for their road structure to cope with. I am as flustered by their logic as anybody but remember back to the closure of Bennett's Road near to the old Colliery Club for work to the new housing. It was only pressure from Coventry City Council that they relented and let us use ProLogis.
Regarding the reliability of the service, part of my job is to monitor all services and make suggestions to our Network Planners on possible solutions. Although the route and timings were altered this summer to improve the reliability they have only, in my opinion, had a partial success and I have asked them to look at it again. They are reluctant to do so until the long over running, Far Gosford Street scheme is complete, or at least open to buses in both directions again, as the delays that we are experiencing due to this scheme are giving a false picture of the times needed to operate the current route.
As far as I know there are no plans to revert the route back to the old 36 or anything similar.
I do sympathise with the people who do have to wait long times for their bus and I regularly ask our Inspectors to monitor the service but with the present delays caused, mainly be the various road works around the City it is hard to adjust the service efficiently and the problems are faced by most of the people in the city and not just the residents in Keresley.

Pegasus application update

The application has been revised, in relation to transport. Don't know exactly how, but possibly this would be to incorporate the link road as in the Local Plan. Letters are being hand-delivered to people who commented today.
The period of consultation then re-opens for 21 days, to 25 December.
It could go to committee on December 18 - the agenda for this has not yet been set. Or it might not.
So it might go to committee before the end of the consultation. If comments are made after committee, it goes to committee again.
It might therefore be best to wait to see the agenda for December 18. If it is addressed then, and approved, it would be better to object after that, so it goes to committee again. It would certainly be good if as many people as possible went to that committee hearing - if it happens.

The response to the Local Plan from the Coventry Society is here

Keresley Parish Council opposes building on the Green Belt, as does the Government's National Planning Policy Framework. As such we support Scenario One in the City Council's Local Plan, and oppose Scenarios Two and Three. If you think we should change this policy, please let us know.

CPRE's response to the Local Plan (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England) is here

Corley Parish Council's response to the Local Plan is here

Coventry City Council has extended the consultation period for the Local Plan to the end of November, due to 'requests made by residents'. Please take the opportunity to tell them what you think.

The Parish Council sent in its response to the Local Plan on 30 October.

2013-14 Accounts and External Audit documents are here.

The Pegasus application will not go to the planning committee on October 16, despite what the website currently says. They say 'it is not yet ready to go to Committee.' People who have commented should be informed when the date is actually set.

Fillongley Parish Council's letter of objection to Pegasus is here.

Local Plan

This is now out for 'public engagement'.

Here are some links:

Who to contact

Ann Lucas, leader of Coventry City Council. Her address is Council House, Earl Street, Coventry CV1 5RR, or by email to

David Kershaw - Labour councillor for this ward. Write to him at the Council House, or email

Geoffrey Robinson, MP for this constituency. Write to him at House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, phone 020 7219 4083, or email

Coventry Telegraph. Coventry news desk on 024 76 500457 or 024 76 500316. Email letters to News to

BBC CWR - Midlands Today -