This is the website of the civil parish of Keresley in north Coventry. Last updated 10 August 2018



Since December the Keresley Parish Council has not met formally since it has not had enough councillors to be quorate.

An Annual Meeting of the Keresley Parish Council will take place on Tuesday 14th August at 7pm in the United Reform Church Hall, Bennets Road. At this meeting three new Parish Councillors, Mr S Redhead, Mr T Middleton and Mr C Wood, are to be co-opted and elections held.

Following this, at around 7.30pm, the Parish Council Meeting will take place. The Notices and Agendas can be downloaded here

Coventry City Council
have several new DRAFT Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) subject to a period of public consultation between Wednesday 8 August and Friday 21 September 2018.

Two of these relate to the Keresley Sustainable Urban Extension:

• Residential Design Guidance SPD ( PDF - 20.17 MB) - Click here to download
• Residential Design Guidance Draft SPD Appendix 1 Keresley ( PDF - 1.68 MB) - Click here to download

To comment on these and find out about the dates of consultation events where you will be able to discuss the documents,
go to this Coventry City Council Web page:


The Declarations of Pecuniary Interest (by which Councillors might gain by being on the Council) are here.

The code of conduct signings are here

The code of conduct is here