This is the website of the civil parish of Keresley in north Coventry. Last updated 20 October 2014


Next Parish Council meeting Tuesday 21 October

2013-14 Accounts and External Audit documents are here.

The Pegasus application will not go to the planning committee on October 16, despite what the website currently says. They say 'it is not yet ready to go to Committee.' People who have commented should be informed when the date is actually set.

Geoffrey Robinson MP has agreed to support us. See the link

Fillongley Parish Council's letter of objection to Pegasus is here.

This is Shabbir Ahmed, Conservative candidate for Bablake ward in May 2015. He is signing our old 'Pledge Board' from 2009, pledging to save the Green Belt. We are inviting others to sign this.

Local Plan

This is now out for 'public engagement'. It threatens both the green spaces within Coventry and in surrounding Warwickshire. All the efforts of the Parish Council are now devoted to fighting it.

Here are some links:

  • The plan , as presented to Cabinet
  • The Council's Local Plan home page, which links to many documents. Note that while it purports to simply present information, it actually promotes the Plan, and we will challenge much of what at presented here.
  • The plan for Bablake. For each area it shows how many houses will be built, on scenarios 1 2 and 3. Option 3 is whatthe planners are recommending, which will only use 10% of the Green Belt, but the effect in Bablake would be devastating. It also comes at the cost of dumping many houses over the border into Warwickshire.
  • The proposed link road

Who to contact

It will be politically useful if you also make your views known to the following:

Ann Lucas, leader of Coventry City Council. Her address is Council House, Earl Street, Coventry CV1 5RR, or by email to

David Kershaw - Labour councillor for this ward, up for re-election in May 2015 (for what the Labour group regard as a key seat). Write to him at the Council House, or email

Geoffrey Robinson, MP for this constituency. Write to him at House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, phone 020 7219 4083, or email Tell him how you will be voting in May. You can see Geoffrey in the photo below, carrying the banner on the right in 2010. Does he still support us?

Coventry Telegraph. Coventry news desk on 024 76 500457 or 024 76 500316. Email letters to News to

BBC CWR - Midlands Today -

We have a strong presence on the web. Here are a few links:
Twitter : @covgreenbelt
Blog: here
Facebook : here
Cov Telegraph article : here
and : here
and : here

Please download, print, display and distribute this A4 poster