This is the website of the civil parish of Keresley in north Coventry. Last updated 8 November 2016

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We made further representations at the Inspector's Hearings on the Local Plan on 2nd November. This was an extra day related to housing requirements. We argued that the present numbers were wrong, since they mis-handled student numbers, and ignored probable effects of Brexit on international migration. We urged for a Review Point to be made in teh Plan (which was accepted), and for explicit phasing (meaning no Green Belt build while brown field was still available).

Th eMinutes archive and Complaints Procedure have been updated - see here

The next meeting is on November 15, URC Church Bennetts Road.


The 2015-16 external audit is now complete - see all documents here


The Declarations of Pecuniary Interest (by which Councillors might gain by being on the Council) are now here.

The code of conduct signings are here

The code of conduct is here