This is the website of the civil parish of Keresley in north Coventry. Last updated 10 October 2017



It is reported that the Inspector's report on the Coventry Local Plan has now been delivered to the Council, and is being fact-checked. The Council are likely to adopt the Plan shortly.

The last Parish Council meeting was not quorate. Another will be scheduled asap.

There is a meeting on Friday of the group defending the Green Belt. All welcome:
Keep Our Greenbelt Green,
Friday 13 Oct, 7.30-9.30pm
Burton Green Village Hall, Hoggetts Lane, CV8 1PH
Here is my draft agenda - please feel free to change it as needed. :
1) what is our vision - worth visiting this again. What are we about? Why are we giving this our heart and soul efforts? What keeps us going? - Rona Taylor /Angela Fryer to lead? (i am mindful that we are top heavy with men! We need what the women bring to this too!)
2) update to our situation, our legal arguments and our legal team - Robin Fryer, Mark Sullivan and Nigel Henry (if available) ?
3) Fundraising 1- Archie to lead. where are we now? how much have we got pledged? someone to lead in each area of the city. how much do we think we might need (£100K for 2 judicial reviews, is my best guess - we might get away with less, but i think we need to be ready for 2 reviews, costing £50K each) - offering people a choice of £100, £500, £1000 donations.(but not limited to those. the status of the limited company and the bank account?
4) Fundraising 2- by crowdfunding. will someone lead on getting this set up? (it needs to choose the platform, there are several, write the blurb)
5) PR, social media, our facebook page- Ian Farrar to lead. we still need an energetic social media campaign: - the local press is not helpful. it is a way to spread our undoubtedly popular message. - to keep our greenbelt and countryside green. We need to be ready for elections next spring - a victory in the courts will protect greenbelt in the short term. longer term, we need politicians who will defend green belt - otherwise, the local authorities will come back yet again with more harebrained schemes, this time better constructed against legal challenges.
6) another Demo - Ian Farrar - what about the banners and people on the bridge?, we need to keep the pot boiling, get ourselves on tv, radiok, and press, as best we can. - or howabout a question time event? - that attracted 250 people in 2009. John Mutton, Ken Taylor, and someone for the Lib Dems were on the panel. Bob Brolly chaired.
7) fun/social - Archie to lead. helpfully suggested we meet in the pub after our meetings. it is a good idea. Do you want to meet at Hickory's after your meeting?

Updated Declarations of Pecuniary Interest are here.


The Declarations of Pecuniary Interest (by which Councillors might gain by being on the Council) are now here.

The code of conduct signings are here

The code of conduct is here