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A legal challenge to WDC's Local Plan, in the form of a Judicial Review (JR) , is being mounted. This will be largely on the basis of unreliable population projections, from incorrectly-handled student numbers, and uncertain migration data in the light of Brexit. Because these numbers are for the Strategic Market Area, which covers all Warwickshire, if this challenge were to succeed it would require modifications to all the Local Plans.

As part of the JR, a letter has been sent to WDC setting out what will happen. The text of this letter is here. At the special meeting of Keresley Parish Council, we agreed that we supported the principles set out in this letter.

The costs associated with the JR will be considerable - if it runs the full gamut of legal process, up to £100,000. A company limited by guarantee is being set up which will act as the claimant in this matter. Burton Green Parish Council have donated £5000. If you would like to support this action financially, contact us.

We have written a letter to the Secretary of State, DCLG, requesting him to require a review of the Coventry Local Plan in 2022, on the basis of the 2021 Census data, in order to confirm population projections, and not to allow Green Belt build before then. The letter was supported by Corley and Fillongley Parish Councils, and endorsed by local MPs Craig Tracey and Jim Cunningham. We have received a brush-off reply from the Housing Minister.

WDC is expected to adopt their Local Plan on Wednesday 20 September at the Leamington Town Hall. There will be a public demonstration of opposition to it.

The Local Plans are currently at different stages. Nuneaton and Bedworth are currently (1 September) in the Inspection in Public session. These are public meetings which you can attend if you wish

For Coventry's Local Plan, the Inspectors full Report will be published shortly, and the Council expect to adopt it by the end of September.

Updated Declarations of Pecuniary Interest are here.


The Declarations of Pecuniary Interest (by which Councillors might gain by being on the Council) are now here.

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The code of conduct is here